17 April 2014

spending the weekend with these guys

Yes, the plants in the garden! It's been an exhausting week, work wise, and I can't think of anything I'd rather do than get out in the garden and potter. Of course we won't just do that, we never do, but we do plan to spend a fair bit of time out there. There is a veg bed to weed: a fence to plan, compost to turn, mulch to spread, plants to plant and a whole lot more. Plus of course family to see, it is Easter after all! Wishing you all a lovely long weekend doing a bit of whatever it is you fancy.

14 April 2014

brighter in the garden

We've had such sunny days lately and I've managed to capture a little of our garden. We are feeling pretty positive about it at the moment, things seem to be taking shape and we are gradually tackling different areas: reining it in and gaining a little control (not total by any means) but it feels good to us.

10 April 2014


  • the sun is still out on my way home
  • looking up at London Liverpool Street station
  • from the train
  • an evening walk, near home
  • geometric pavement, London
  • mosaic in Pitfield Street, London
  • art in Leonard Street, London