20 March 2016

pottery class is so much fun

Some things I've made recently at pottery class
  • little mountains
  • bowl for the table
  • tiny egg
  • tiny bowl
  • creamy coloured dipped bowl
  • more bowls
  • more experiments with glaze and oxides

18 March 2016


  • tiles at 222 Strand, London
  • houseplants in our bedroom
  • Apollo and Daphne pillowcase my mum made (fabric designed by Duncan Grant)
  • faded tulips
  • floor tiles at work
  • triangles in the wall above Embankment tube

17 March 2016

lunchtime light in our garden

I'm fortunate to work from home some days, it's a huge help to me. A bit more time at home to get things done. Less hours wasted commuting to the city means more time to load the washing machine, that kind of thing, it helps a lot. Also it gives the chickens and ducks a chance to free roam, which of course they love. I popped out with them during my lunch break Monday and captured a few corners of the garden during the beautiful sunlight.