2 February 2015


It's been a while, life's just been busy that's all. There are loads of things I wish I'd posted, but haven't, maybe I still will. For now just a few recent snippets of life here.

  • waiting for the train in my favourite boots
  • found Garfield lurking at mum and dad's and bought him home
  • wintery soups are good and colourful 
  • pretty tiles spotted on a lunch break
  • last week we had snow
  • D and I posing

11 December 2014

hoard or collect - christmas baubles

Some of these are from my childhood, others we've picked up here and there. I don't recall a year passing when we haven't added another bauble or decoration to the collection. I photographed these as I packed away after Christmas 2013, so this isn't quite everything that we have to adorn our tree this year. I'm not sure yet when we'll get the tree up, we're usually quite last minute in this house. But if you're keen to see how it'll look, I imagine it won't be too different from how it was here, just a little more on it!

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23 October 2014

art in aarhus

How time flies, we've been back home over a month and I'm only just sharing this! So unless you follow me on Instagram you won't know that we spent a couple of weeks of September visiting Denmark and Sweden. We hung out in Aarhus [Denmark's second largest city] a pretty nice place to hang about, we immediately felt at home there but that might have been more to do with staying in a really nice neighbourhood in a great apartment we found on airbnb. That and the huge modern art gallery that's ARoS [where all these images were taken] and the great shops full of oodles of beautifully designed things that I wanted to fill my case with and bring home, plus some really good coffee along the way.  

Art by Ebbe Stub WittrupWes Lang, Ron Mueck and others.