14 November 2013

thoughts - mine and yours

I photographed these doilies earlier today. Isn't it frustrating the only time to take pictures, this time of year, is early in the day when the light is at it's best? It's annoying only having two days working from home a week when I can squeeze a little photography into my lunch break - and you see I didn't find time to press them! Of course there are weekends too but we're normally busy doing stuff that doesn't involve me faffing around with the likes of doilies and my camera! Sharing these few reminds me I must try and photograph some more of my collections of this and that, you'll find some I've shot in the past if you care to scroll through here. Part of the faffing around today was trying to photograph a small something I have to giveaway - a little autumnal thank you to those of you who keep popping back to this little space of mine, so do keep your eyes peeled for that coming up soon. 

This picture was an over from here, those two little berries - like eyes looking out remind me Christmas is coming and I'm not quite ready to think about that - are you? D's mum is forever asking what we are doing and I'm just not ready to commit! 

I had thought I might open a little online shop and sell a few cards and other things I've made, but after being on a payroll for a few years now the thought of getting involved with tax returns terrifies me. I always remember the thought of having to do it hanging over me like a cloud, for months on end. I'm sure if you make enough money it's worth paying someone else to do it for you, but I don't see that ever being the case here. Do you have any thoughts on that? Am I being silly? Is it really not a big deal, what do you think? Do you have any tips? Please do share.