28 September 2011

click on me

I've just been playing around making this little animation (you seem to have to click on it). It's my first attempt, quite fun, perhaps I'll make more. Anyone know why it won't just play with out clicking? 

Anyway just a few of my lovely blue things.

26 September 2011

this little piggy...

I've always liked pigs, but never collected them as such. But recently I just keep finding them and they are so cute I can't resist.

blinds or no blinds?

We spent Saturday night listening to music and pondering the need for blinds. I love the simplicity of nothing cluttering the window, but do I love feeling like a little goldfish splashing about in my bowl for the world (well our neighbours) to see? I can't decide.

another weekend has flown by

Saturday afternoon I made a start on the weeding but soon got distracted by another job! Decided to do away with an empty flower bed that runs in front of our neighbours yew hedge. I've sewn some out-of-date grass seed, so keeping fingers-crossed that it will grow. If it does we'll be able to position a bench there to catch the evening sun. D mowed the lawn and between us we did the edges, it's amazing how tending the lawn can make such a difference. I'm sure our neighbours will be pleased!

Jake and Dinos Chapman - I learnt the hard way (2008) photo by D

Sunday we travelled to London for the day, I had a couple of tickets for the London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House. I dragged D around for about half an hour but it wasn't his thing, so we headed over the river to the Old Vic tunnels for an exhibition called mindful. The venue was great, it so damp and dank down there which seemed to suit the works on show perfectly. I liked Jake and Dinos Chapman's 'I learnt the hard way' with it's glistening brains. 

We then dragged our tired feet back over the river to Fopp for some CD treats, Muji for some more storage boxes and finally tucked into burritos at Benito's Hat (yum), before heading home.

24 September 2011

autumn colour

Wow! What a beautiful sunny day, it's just so pretty and the light is amazing. As I drove back from dropping D at work this morning I really started to notice autumn, not only are the mornings feeling crispy, there is dew on the ground and light is filtering through the trees rusty autumn colours.

I just took a quick walk around our garden and it's still filled with colour. It makes me feel really proud of us. We've only lived here one year and the garden was pretty neglected, we've put a lot of effort in and though it's not perfect it is beautiful.

Still lots to do, I'll be busy weeding this afternoon and D will hopefully mow the lawn (I hate that job I did it once and well, once was enough). Better get on....

23 September 2011

country life

It's funny what you find in the countryside. On leaving the car boot, on Sunday we came across a 'Ploughing Contest', yes a field full of tractors all ploughing neat little lines in the field. And not just any old tractors but beautiful vintage ones, in an array of different colours, all ploughing up and down. Judges walking along taking notes, this was a serious business despite the rather comical look of it all.

22 September 2011

scandinavian design love

On Tuesday evening I went along to Heal's, for a talk entitled 'Why Blonds Have More Fun: 60 Years of Scandinavian Design’. The talk was by Henrietta Thompson, Editor-at-Large of Wallpaper* It was an enjoyable evening, vodka cocktails and canapes in the Marimekko pop-up store followed by the talk. Henrietta was engaging, and funny and gave us all a brief overview of Scandinavian design and designers. 

But for me the best part was sipping my delicious cocktail surrounded by the Marimekko range! I bought myself a small 'Siirtolapuutarha' blue bowl and claimed my limited Marimekko goodie bag - which I adore! 

19 September 2011

more tins and things

busy making cider

We have an abundance of apples in our garden this year, our freezer's full to the brim with chunks of apple in bags ready for a snugly winter of eating crumbles. So with loads more apples still dropping off the trees we decided to try making cider. Mmm I love cider, I like it dry and not too fizzy. This is actually batch 2, we spent another day a few weeks ago making batch 1, which is now safely in bottles tucked away for drinking next summer! 

Cider making is quite fun especially on a nice day, like Saturday, when you can do it outside in the sunshine. You collect up your apples, give them a wash, I chopped, D mushed and our little helper from next door did the pressing! So after a days work we have one very large bucket of apple juice which is now set to ferment away into cider.

17 September 2011

nice kind of blue

I thought I should show some thing blue. So here are some of my tins, I love tins. I use them as storage and have quite a few, all little homes for little collections of this and that!


I bought this little chap the other week, I think he's a doctor as he has a little briefcase with a red cross on the side. Anyway he sits by my computer by day and sometimes gets up for a little dance at night!

my first post!

Today I've finally found a bit of free time to sit down make my first post! I've been wanting to do this for ages. I'm still not sure really what this blog will be about, I guess I'll just let it evolve over time.