14 October 2013

tate shapes

As I made my way to Tate Modern, last week, I found myself looking up at the sky; the negative space, the shape left behind by the city. A shape that changes almost daily, new cranes appear followed by new towers. As I fall in love with the London skyline it changes once again. I'm not against that change; I'm just saying, it's something I notice more and more and wish I'd been documenting the change (though I'm sure others have). 

Tate Modern is a place I love, there is always an exhibition worth seeing, the huge space feels so alive and it throngs with its mass of visitors, even on the greyest of weekdays. I thoroughly enjoyed both exhibitions I saw; Saloua Raouda Choucair and Mira Schendel. It felt good to see two great exhibitions by inspiring women and ones whose love of the geometric shape shined through in such different ways.