30 January 2013

baking weekend

Last week D picked up a newspaper supplement about baking bread, it contained a few different recipes, but it was the sourdough recipe that really appealed, since it explained how to make the starter from scratch. This now bread-stained supplement has bought a whole new craze of baking to our kitchen, it started with baking focaccia together, followed by D making the sourdough starter, from which he's since baked 2 loaves. I opted for Jess's vegan chocolate try bake (though mine wasn't actually vegan since I didn't have the margarine or soya milk to hand), the first cake of this type I've ever baked, it was super easy especially since it uses the cup method so no faffing with scales. It feels good to be baking again, it's been a while since we made bread, we used to bake no-knead bread, like this, but seem to have fallen out of the habit lately. I'm hoping this past weekend will encourage regular baking again and we'll be feasting on sourdough, rather than shop bought bread. 

As well as spending a lot of time in the kitchen we also popped into Cambridge for coffee, a little mooch about and a spot of lunch. What did you get up to?

28 January 2013

garden moodboard - january 2013

I've decided to join in Karin's monthly moodboards which I first spotted over on Caroline's blog. It's seems such a lovely idea - a collection of seasonal flowers and foliage from the garden. A good way to record what's going on out there, and a fun series to look back on in the future. I really struggled with the photography, it's just so dark indoors at the moment, so hopefully the photography will improve along with the light as the year progresses.

common names - snowdrops • hydrangea • thistle • aconite • sedum • ivy • moss • curry plant

27 January 2013


  • trying to growing an avocado plant
  • swallows swoosh above my head as I work
  • long walks in the white
  • Pie and Tit enjoy breakfast in the snow
  • Mr Mouse just wants to cuddle
  • white
  • can't stop looking at the TOAST catalogue
  • icy cold waiting for trains
  • Katy Hackney jewellery part of Beautiful Objects exhibition at the Aram Gallery
  • Caroline Broadhead jewellery part of Beautiful Objects exhibition at the Aram Gallery

25 January 2013

little things

  • Mum's old sheepskin is keeping me warm this snowy weather • The TOAST catalogue arrived • Anniversary flowers still pretty from here.
  • I don't often wear jeans.
  • Avocados - quite possibly my favourite food.
  • This moth eaten little clown is always happy!

24 January 2013


When I was a little girl I remember wanting a 'pink' party, I was staying with my Aunt at the time and she kindly indulged me. We invited the kids from next door and sat about eating cheese marbled pink along with pink meringues fashioned to look like toadstools, I can't remember what else but it's stuck in my mind. So when it came to making an Etsy treasury [my first] instead of sensibly choosing things I'd like and might buy I ventured down that road again to my childhood and parties, only peach this time!

Peach Sweet Tea Gourmet Loll...

Gray and Peach Bunting Weddi...

Extra Large Vintage 1950'...

50s dress- peach pink rhines...

White - Creme - Gold - Dull...

Peach Cotton Coloured Bakers...

Origami paper ball - Peach k...

peach large triangle sticker...

Striped Paper Drinking Straw...

Chevron patterned wall butto...

Cap Sleeve Peach Baby Doll T...

Blush Peach Daisy Dish

Peach Bookmark Bookworm Cr...

Pinwheels - Peaches and Crea...

Set of 4 Vintage Retro Gold ...

1980s Skirt / Plaid midi Ski...

23 January 2013

snow glorious snow

I just love the stuff - makes me grin from ear to ear! By Sunday we had a fair bit round our way, so D and I set off on a walk, an adventure. We wrapped up well, put on our shades [much to our neighbours amusement] and headed into the white. Our aim to reach another village for a pub lunch, following white roads up over rolling hills. We took maps and ventured on paths we'd not trodden before, across fields, following woodland and hedges, up and down lanes. Hardly another soul in sight it all felt rather surreal, the landscape of white, so clean, so pure and uniform. After an hour or so the friendly village pub proved a very welcome sight! We made the most of it drinking ales, tucking into hearty roast lunches, and stuffing ourselves silly with puddings safe in the knowledge we could walk it all off on our way home. Our only regret not having bin bags in our pockets to slide back down the hill to home!