29 November 2012

i designed some cards

We always like to send homemade Xmas cards, but in recent years that habits slipped and we've been sending bought cards. This year I thought I'd design some to be printed professionally [I used moo], rather than by me in the kitchen, as I've done in the past. I can't quite believe how organised I've been though [I actually got these back from the printer a few weeks ago], I'm just trying to minimise the stress nearer to Xmas! Still have to write them and find a nice pen for writing on those fancy gold envelopes. I love trying out pens in stationary shops though, adding to the scribbles on those little pads - don't you? 


  1. Lovely cards. I'd like to make some again this year but am struggling to think of a design.... back to the drawing board!

  2. Ooh well done, I love your design. What a great idea! x

  3. Polly they are just lovely. I seriously think you should be packaging these up and selling them! x

  4. Fab cards Polly, they look like the kind of thing you would find in Paperchase! x

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    1. So sorry! my clumsy fingers have removed this message by mistake! I must remember not to look at messages on my phone, just causes problems x

  6. Hello, thank you all for your lovely, lovely comments. It feels really good to know that they are liked :) I actually love the idea of a little shop, but I'm not sure I've the time to spare now we're getting so close to xmas, maybe in the new year with some different designs... let's see.


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