14 January 2013

dusting of white

Woke up to a lovely dusting of snow this morning! I'm such a kid at heart, I love it, straight out I go in the first glimmer of light still wearing my dressing gown to investigate. Then retreat of course to the warm, a shower and breakfast before venturing out again to take these. It's been melting all morning and now snowing again. Will it settle? Will I get snowed in? I doubt that really but it's always a dream! My 13 year old neighbour was hopeful the forecast of snow would result in school being closed and exams cancelled - this is England well known for our lack of resources when it comes to a layer of snow so who knows what tomorrow may bring. 

So how was your weekend? Ours was gone in a flash, but a good weekend all the same. I ventured into Cambridge to catch up with friends from school, friends I hadn't seen in 18 or so years! Blimey that makes me sound old! It was lovely though, they made me giggle like a school girl again and realise how we don't really change. I also found time to pop in to the Fitzwilliam museum and see this exhibition of Japanese woodcuts - snowy scenes much like today. I marvelled at their wonderful graphic compositions, and the skill required to execute such beauitful works, the block printing itself, the embossing and the splattered paint adding another layer of relief. Sunday D and I visited the car boot where I found some little pretty pyrex dishes for 50p. Back home we spent time in the garden weeding the hard ground of our rockery and rearranging the rocks in preparation for some chippings to neaten things up a bit. Ours evenings were spent snuggled infront of the TV, something we only seem to do in the depths of winter.