22 October 2012


Our weekend revolved around apples, odd shaped juicy nuggets of green and red. We've been busy making cider, you might have seen here on Istagram. We moved to our home, just over two years ago, not realising quite how many apple trees there were in the garden - 16 I think and amongst them many different varieties. We've no idea what they are, some sweet and fluffy, others crisp and sweet, and some edgy and tart. 2011 gave us a bumper crop not only did will fill our freezer but we managed three whole days of cider making - around 50 litres. So far this year it's just been the one day and we've probably enough apples left for half that again. It's a long slow process, and though we didn't make an early start we were still pressing on in the dark. Firstly there's lots of cleaning and sterilising of equipment, then we collect the apples using those that have fallen first before picking from the trees, wash, chop into chunks removing any bad and the core, pulp with an attachment on the drill, and press using a large fruit press into a bucket that takes an age to fill. Tonight we'll test the sugars then leave to ferment before bottling and storing till next year. I say we, but really it's D who's the master cider maker here, my department is collecting the apples, washing and chopping - the easy bit. 

If you're wondering what it's like, yes we have already dipped into last years brew and we love it, the taste and the way it makes us giggle of course! It's quite dry and really more like a wine than a store bought cider (nothing like a Bulmers or Strongbow).