10 October 2012


Sometimes I do something in hurry, today I did just that. I quickly checked blogger to see if there were any comments waiting to be published, I was using my phone, in haste I tapped on publish but in haste my big fat finger hit delete! Message lost, gone forever. Lesson learned. 


I haven't bought cut flowers for a few weeks and I've been missing them. I tend to buy them from an old boy at the car boot sale, he sells flowers and potatoes that he's grown himself. He hasn't had any flowers the past few weeks, so I treated myself to these beautiful freesias in the supermarket. They were in such good condition, so fresh and the colour so strong I couldn't resist. Also couldn't resist this cyclamen, I've managed to keep two others quite successfully the past year so thought I'd add to the collection, plus this one fitted my polka dot pot perfectly.