11 September 2012

art love

I've always loved art. "A picture is worth a thousand words"- I first heard that when I was young, when art was my favourite class at school, for me it still rings true. I love visiting galleries wherever we go, I can't get enough, I want to see it all, I want to learn about every artist I can. I may not like everything, somethings instantly appeal, others take time to understand, some perhaps I never will, but so many inspire. I love collecting pictures to pepper our walls, my desk is surrounded by postcards, our walls lined with prints and paintings, we've even created a little gallery of our own - the long corridor to our bedroom. This week it's time for the 20/21 British Art Fair, it's a place to buy art, galleries coming together under one roof to exhibit. Most is totally unaffordable (to us at least) but it's always so good to go, you'll see art you wouldn't normally see and if you save long and hard you might even take something home.