13 June 2013

nature in the home

Joining in with Lou and her weekly series 'nature in the home', if your not already taking part pop over to Lou's blog Littlegreenshed to see all the other entries and link up yourself. Each week Lou sets a theme, this week it's 'your favourite plant'. So meet Hairy and Hairy's offspring [the smaller plant snuggling up with my Donna Wilson beardy plate]. I've had them a good few years now, which shows they are pretty easy going. My original Hairy was a gift from my parents which makes him extra special. Earlier this year I noticed a couple of tiny white flowers on him, the first he's had I think. He seems quite at home in our house sitting up high on our window sills [we've lots of tiny windows around the ceiling], dangling his long tendrils down our walls. 

[Hairy is a type of cacti - a Rhipsalis, though I'm not sure which species]