31 May 2012


More flowers from the garden. I'm working from home today so just had a little wander round outside with our new camera. I'm really enjoying it, I've been practising on my focusing for now - I'm getting the hang of it slowly. So much to play with it's just so exciting. But what's happened to the weather, it's turned windy, cold and grey. The forecast isn't looking good for the Jubilee weekend, I just hope it picks up. We've loads of stuff going on in the village Sunday and Monday, it would be such a shame if the weather put a dampener on things. I'm going to have a trial run later today of making coronation chicken - I've volunteered myself to make some sandwiches for the Jubilee lunch on Sunday. Since moving here we've hardly met anyone other than our direct neighbours - it's tricky without any little ones to make the introductions and as I spend most of my days either in London or tucked away indoors at the computer I'm not doing well at making friends locally so I'm hoping by getting involved with the spirit of things I might actually meet some people!