13 December 2012

introducing mandy

My last post got some of you asking about Mandy - who is she and why does she live with us. Well back when I was at university Mandy was working in a shop, she was a model. Then for whatever reason (I think the shop was closing down) Mandy was made redundant, no one wanted her, but my dad saw she was in need of a home and thought of me. She came to live in our shared house, settling in quickly, making herself at home. She was very popular with our guests, especially the boys! She'd also help me out with my design projects modeling for me on several occasions. I'd drive her around to different locations dressing her up in various outfits, she was the perfect model (apart from being a little static of course). Now she resides in our lounge wearing clothes that no longer fit me or like the orange jumper (in the previous post) just don't suit me. She's always there, standing in the same place, it's funny I'm so used to her now I barely notice her, though she often gives guests a surprise!

• in the lounge of the house I shared at university
• modelling as Hippolyta, from A Midsummer Night's Dream
• playing football

1 comment:

  1. Haha - she's ace! I think she needs a Christmas look though, don't you? x


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