4 March 2013

spring has sprung

Today felt really spring-like here in the UK. I popped out briefly this morning and had to grab sunglasses as I left the house! I also enjoyed eating lunch in the garden with the warmth of the sun on my back as Tit and Pie quacked and pecked at my feet. 

We had a busy weekend spent entirely in the garden. We got a new shed (a mini dutch barn), a gift from my parents, they bought it for a good price in the sale at our local garden centre. The good price meant we had to dismantle it ourselves, hire a lorry to transport it home and then re-erect it in the garden. D and my Dad did most of the hard work, Mum and I just helped out when needed and carried on with other jobs; pruning the last of the apple trees - a job I finally finished, as well as moving our compost heap to its new home. We all ache a bit today! But the shed is up - it looks wonderful, feels like the garden is really taking shape. I'll show you another time.

  • this cute old ted caught my eye, last weekend, when a friend and I went rummaging through the junk shops of Clare in Suffolk. 
  • the metal sign was an 18th birthday gift from my parents (quite a while ago now, but I still love it)
  • sunglasses and a pretty woodland vase