30 January 2014

garden moodboard - january 2014

I've been working from home today and grasped the opportunity to pop outside during my lunch break to gather flowers and foliage for this January garden moodboard. It was raining, it has been for what feels like forever here! I had my hood up and my head down, I may well have missed things along the way but I seem to have gathered more than I did this time last year. Perhaps that's because we've had a milder, wetter winter, though I'm sure it's more to do with learning where to look and being less afraid to pick and enjoy a single bloom when I find one. 

I'm joining Karin and Åsa in their series of monthly moodboards.

23 January 2014


I'm getting sick of the darkness now, I know I shouldn't complain, we've had such a mild winter so far. I don't know why this year the darkness seems more noticeable, maybe it's all the rain too - the light has to fight through those rain clouds perhaps. Anyway it's quite nice to snuggle indoors, in the warm with the lights on and some candle light of an evening. These lights really bring a smile to my face, I just love them! We bought them in a charity shop in Sweden last summer, I think they are by the Finnish designer Nanny Still for Raak. 

20 January 2014


I had some of my instagram pictures printed by the folk at Printstagram. I was really pleased with the quality and how they turned out. We used them as gift tags on our Christmas presents. It's nice looking back and remembering some magical moments, like when Tit was just a little duck (see her at the top, hiding behind the shower curtain).

16 January 2014


Hello! I haven't posted one of these 'lately' posts for a long time, in fact I haven't been posting that much at all. No good excuses, I guess I've just been enjoying my time at home by hanging out with D, rather than squinting away at the computer. And I can blame the lack of light a little too, it just makes it harder trying to get some nice shots to fill this space. I hope you don't mind too much and that you'll keep popping back to this little corner of the blogosphere, I do love your company and comments so much. I hope to be back with a few more posts soon.

  • pretty stones, in town
  • red skies
  • dark mornings
  • a favourite lunch
  • flowers from D
  • markings on the pavement

13 January 2014

lucky me

D and I celebrated 15 years together. Seems mad to think we've been together that long, but feels really good too. We spent a lovely evening together trying to remember some funny places we've been together over the years. Knowing how much I love flowers he bought me a stunning bouquet, they looked so beautiful I didn't want to unwrap them, eventually I did and I now have them sprinkled around the house, like a lady of the manor! Lucky me.

Thanks D x 

6 January 2014

garden moodboard - december 2013

Hello and Happy New Year to you! 

I'm a few days late with this, but the garden is slow at the moment and I don't feel too much has changed in the past week - other than a few more aconites opening up. This post means I've now been joining Karin and Åsa with their monthly moodboards for a complete year! I'll do another post soon where I recap on 2013 and show all 12 monthly moodboards in one post [if you can't wait till then, click here]. I've absolutely loved joining in this monthly challenge, it's fascinating to see what is in flower, and when, in our garden. As well as how long the blooms continue and how the foliage changes throughout the seasons. Not only that, it's fun noticing the differences between our Cambridgeshire garden, and those in other parts of the UK and those much further afield. I'm already looking forward to taking part in 2014 and being able to compare year on year in the future!