8 June 2012

♦ jubilee weekend

We joined in the Jubilee celebrations taking place in our village. Though the weather had put a dampener on the whole idea of a big lunch out on the playing fields, with fancy dress contests and cricket matches. Instead we were forced inside the village hall to celebrate. It was all very old fashioned and British, but rather nice and we met some lovely people, though most were more than double our own ages! They knew a thing or two about the village and we had a jolly time getting to know them and hearing stories of their pasts. Everyone had made food and though we sat on tables in small groups the food was shared around so we got to try lots of different dishes, making it quite a hefty feast and that was before any of the little cakes and scones appeared. 

We also had a day out in the car to Norwich and back. We took in a disappointing car boot sale on route and stopped off in Wymondham, which had the most magnificent church. We actually seemed to spend most of the day in the car and very little time actually in Norwich, but we did see this incredible living wall. Later that evening we walked to our nearest hill and saw our beacon lit, and the best bit was seeing other beacons lit in the distance, connecting us with other villages and ultimately the whole country - which I thought was rather nice. 

The last day of the long weekend was filled with the arrival of a little duck - that's a whole other story.

a walk with mouse

Last week when it wasn't so cold, wet and miserable we were able to go for an evening stroll. Mr Mouse decided to tag along with us (something he likes to do, but I find a little worrying) so we thought we'd head over the road to the churchyard with him. That way we could wear him out, send him home and continue our stroll - which is exactly what we did.