18 June 2012

13 days old - and me

For those that follow me on Instagram (nicekindofblue) or Twitter these images are old news - sorry! For those that don't here's a little catch up of the past week with Tit. Tit is 13 days old today! So I guess this is the start of the teens, little bald patches have appeared on the top of Tit's wings to make way for grown up feathers. I sense Tit isn't going to be quite so pretty soon! Tit's totally adorable though, when I enter the room he's excited to see me and makes cute little chirping noises. He loves to follow D and I around, he lets us hold him, sits on our hands, relaxes and enjoys a snuggle, he's equally happy sitting on a lap - in just the same way a cat would. But Tit's favourite resting place is up on my shoulder, he likes to see what's going on! I'm covered in scratches where he clambers up there - I'd not realised or thought about whether ducks had little claws before. He comes out in the garden for a little wander with us, he came onto our bed (along with lots of towels to catch the mess) on Sunday morning - He really loved that. He eats chick crumb and has treats of lettuce and tomato which he absolutely loves. He has a little splash in the bath once or twice a day too. He's very good at cleaning himself but makes a huge amount of mess and will poop on anything given the chance! He really is the cutest little chap. I'm calling him 'he' - we've no idea. Apparently his voice will change in a few weeks and we'll know then if Tit's a boy or a girl. 

And me - you've probably noticed I'm incredibly camera shy and till now haven't posted a picture of my face. Well I was reading Elisabeth Dunker's blog Fine Little Day and her post about faces. I love to see the person whose blogging - I like to put a face to the name. So I thought I really should share myself with you - be brave and show my face! OK I know it's not a full on portrait, but that's me up there with Tit - Hello!