13 April 2012

bunny time is here

You know our lovely cat Mouser well yesterday, just as D arrived home from work, he appeared. I knew he'd arrived because he let out a big meow - do you know that type of meow? A meow that says 'quick come and see what I've got for you!' And there it was in the corner of the room a cute little baby rabbit! Absolutely perfect, Mr Mouse must have carefully carried him all the way home for us, even negotiating the cat flap! I picked up the bunny and placed him in the waste paper basket. We decided that we should take him somewhere and release him, so that's what we did. We drove up the road to a little nature reserve and let little bunny go, he was off with a skip and a jump even quicker than I imagined! This is the first present we've had this year in the form of a bunny. Mr Mouse is an excellent hunter and likes nothing more than catching bunnies. We don't mind, unfortunately bunnies, as cute as they are, are pests - they eat our pretty plants and veg so we don't really want them in the garden, Mr Mouse controls the population pretty well so we don't grumble. But I sense this is the start of the bunny months, I'm sure we'll have more presents to deal with, it's OK when the bunny is fine and we can release it, its not so nice when the bunny has been mauled, played with, and injured then we have to hope for a quick death or even intervene and stop the suffering. This little bunny was lucky this time, but as lovely as cats are they do like to remind us that they are trained assassins and we as their loving owners often have to pick up the pieces.

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On Sunday we drove over to D's parents for lunch, it was a lovely lunch, my parents were there too and it was good seeing everyone in one place. Sitting down with them all to enjoy a meal made us happy. On the way there we stopped by a car boot sale. I found this little treasure, a spice jar by Anita Nylund, I love it, I've envied her storage jars for many years but have never been lucky enough to find one cheap enough - till now that is! I'm really chuffed with it, it may be small and lonely but it will bring a smile to my face every day - I just know.