12 October 2012

our magical new home

Hello and welcome to our new home! Looks a bit like there has been a break-in with smashed furniture, but there hasn't, it just came that way. Bought this at the car boot last week and I'm totally smitten. It's a 1970's Stockholm dollhouse by Lundby. I haven't had much time to play yet, I want to give it a good clean and repair any of the broken furniture I can, and then I'll be on the look out for more furnishings, I'll be rooting through every box of toys at every car boot from now on! D wants to get the electric on and find us some little lights to plug into the many sockets, I can't wait! Funny thing is there's no kitchen - so we'll be living on take-outs, and well there isn't even a loo - but we've got a sauna so who cares about that! I'll share more photos soon.