10 December 2012

peeking - our lounge

Hello, thought I'd share our lounge with you before the decorations and tree go up. It's looking quite tidy for once, I've finally got on top of the piles of paper that appear and clutter our home from time to time - you know the type of pile (bills, catalogues, newsletters etc.) it's bliss without them, though I'm only too aware of how easily they creep back and accumulate in a little pile that soon spills into another little pile or two. Anyway welcome! We still haven't done anything to this room since moving in, eventually we'll decorate, (loose the beige carpet, the artexed ceiling, maybe add some colour to a wall or two, get the sofas re-covered). But first comes Xmas (I'm starting to get a little excited). We'll put the tree up in here along with a decoration or two. Oh that's Mandy in the orange jumper she's lived with me since college, luckily she's no trouble at all.