22 February 2016

garden improvements

I took a few minutes to nip round the garden the other morning and take a few photographs. I wanted to document some improvements we've been making. We are lucky to have a beautiful flint wall running the length of our garden, lucky until a section came tumbling down last year! Fortunately we were able to employ a really skilled guy to repair it (not the section shown here by the way) and when he'd finished the big repair he made good any other little bits while we set to work removing a tonne of ivy that had crept and crawled it's way over most of the wall. So now it's revealed in all it's beautiful flint glory.  We're currently busy putting in a wooden edge to hold all those bark chippings up that bank under the apple trees and keep them from spilling down onto the lawn. I'm also sharing a shady little corner, that's getting quite pretty as the hellebores flourish.