3 October 2011

sizzling finds

Wow, I can't believe what a hot and sunny weekend we've had! I'm sure it was hotter this weekend than it has been all summer. 

We had a busy time pottering around. Made our third batch of cider on Saturday, so that's now sitting in a huge bucket doing it's thing. 

Sunday morning we managed to get to the car boot sale, hooray! We've been too busy to go the past couple of weeks, so it felt like a real treat! I've pictured my finds above. Isn't the magazine cover fantastic? The insides are great as well, I'll try and show some pages another time. I thought the toothpick holder was too cute to pass by and since D is always on the look out for a toothpick quite useful as well. Plus another toy, I don't think I'll ever grow up!