28 August 2012

Bilbao - Part 4

Hope your not bored of my Bilbao posts (sorry if you are) I just want to share what we saw so much, it's such an inspiring place it feels wrong to keep it to myself. These shots are all from the Guggenheim, the building itself designed by Frank Gehry is a must see, both inside and out, the atrium acts as a massive heart pumping visitors around the building. Fujiko Nakaya's Fog sculpture drifts across the water every hour or so. Richard Serra's massive curving structures in rusted metal fill a whole wing of the gallery. Louise Bourgeois' majestic Mamam - the spider sculpture inspired by her mother stands outside. And then there are Jeff Koons' playful Tulips - giant metallic balloons, as well as Puppy the massive planted puppy dog that sits obediently outside the main entrance. Of course there is much, much more to see inside, we were lucky enough to catch David Hockney's - A Bigger Picture whilst we were there. If you're visiting Bilbao for the art you must also visit the Fine Arts Museum, it's just a short walk from the Guggenheim and well worth a visit (you can buy a special combined entry ticket to save a little money if you're visiting both galleries). I think I actually enjoyed this one a little more, unfortunately no photos to share but it's packed with art, predominantly but not exclusively from the Basque region, from the 12th century to the present day. There's a lot to see and if you're going I'd recommend a day for each gallery, and of course you could spend a lifetime going back for more!

So Bank Hoilday weekend is over, how was yours? We had a good one, stayed at home but had a few day trips out, saw family and friends, pottered and ate good food. I also dabbled with Instagram which I'm enjoying so much these days, if you're not on it yet I think you're missing out (I keep telling D the same)!