20 January 2013

dear friends

A package arrived recently from our dear friend Martha and her family, all the way from Ethiopia via her mum here in the UK. A package of potions (I like that word) in lovely bottles, a pumice stone and a card showing Ethiopian flowers, perfect gifts don't you think? I love the feel of the pumice in my hand, the lightness and texture, almost magical. I love the little bottles, each one different, I love their scents. To be honest I haven't a clue how to apply them, I'm not the best when it comes to beauty treatments - any ideas? I really want to use them, they smell absolutely divine. The hyacinths another gift though from D's parents, one of my absolute favourite plants and such a beautiful deep colour too, they've faded now but I still find them beautiful and look forward to planting them out in the garden to flower next year. I'm slowly creating a little corner of hyacinths, I add a few more bulbs each year, there is something about them so alien they don't quite fit in and I like that!