8 December 2011

french knitting fun

I've never been very good at knitting or even trying to, I've tried a few times and though I can do the basics I get upset if I go a little wrong and end up unravelling the lot it a fit of fury. But with these cold nights I fancied something simple to do, to keep me from staring at computer screens and to give me a little project, so I dug out my childhood knitting doll. It's so straightforward even I can't go wrong! So I'm now busy making myself a selection of these knitted ropes (or whatever you call them) I've got ideas of necklaces (I've made them in the past) and maybe so many that they become almost snood-like. So far I've only managed these two, I'll show you again in a few weeks when I've made a few more. I'm even thinking of plating them together to make thicker ropes... let's see.

a few hours in cambridge

I mentioned that we had a couple of days off last week, as well as visiting London we visited Cambridge, though only a half day trip and without much of an agenda. 

I hadn't been to the Fitzwilliam Museum since I was at school, and D had never been. So we popped inside, immediately impressed by the magnificent domed ceiling, we ventured up the stairs to the first floor and the galleries of British, French and Italian art. An amazing collection, far too much to see and take in, in one visit, each room leads to another - on and on we went. My favourite discoveries were 'At The Caf√©' by Degas and a little Henry Moore sculpture, whose title I don't remember. But definitely going back for another visit soon. 

We then headed over the road to Fitzbillies, a cake shop and restaurant, I remember their Chelsea Buns from the one taste I had of them years ago and since it has just undergone a refurbishment we had to go back and check it out. I'd actually had a more recent taste of their famous buns as I'd ordered some to be sent to my dad and he then shared them with me, so this time we decided to try a rum truffle and coffee - both delicious. And aren't those tiles on the wall great? I love them! 

The rest of the day was filled with xmas shopping, though I don't think we managed one present between us! Instead we bought a couple of those sticky hanging devices to display the two plates we bought at the Donna Wilson sample sale.