23 August 2012

Bilbao - part 2

We did a fair bit of walking in Bilbao, and it's an easy place to wander round. It basically sits in a big bowl surrounded by green hills. Everywhere you go you find something of interest - an old building, a new one, crazy street furniture and sculpture. Even the library is a work of art and a cool place to hang out.

Back in reality, life here in the UK has been dominated by work hence my lack of blogging. My job's been really busy, I've needed to travel to London daily rather than my usual three days in London and two days at home. All that travelling takes away my free time - my time to be creative, to do the things I love like write this blog. But at least long train rides allow me to catch up with the blogs I love to read and follow your instagram antics, I've hardly posted any pictures there myself - there are only so many views from the train window I can bare to post!