[a little bit] about me

I'm Polly. I live in the UK, about fifty miles north of London, in a small village with D my boyfriend, our four ducks (Tit, Pie, Yin and Yang) and our two chickens (Slick and Marble). I work for a publisher, designing children's non-fiction books. I love days out visiting new places, exhibitions, gardens, shops, car boot sales, and cafes. I relax by riding my bicycle, running and working out at the gym. But I'm probably happiest at home listening to the birds, gardening, creating with clay, pottering about, baking, cooking, laughing, drawing, listening to music, drinking coffee and snuggling with D, and our flock.

I started this blog back in 2011, we'd recently moved from a tiny studio flat overlooking a busy road in Spitalfields, London to a mid-century house with a large garden in a quiet country village. Having left the bustle of city life behind and the ever changing scenes on the street, life seemed to be lacking culture. But as the autumn nights drew in I found myself immersed in the internet and blogs; a whole new world [to me at the time], a place bursting with creativity and like-minded people. Before long nice kind of blue was born

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