24 June 2013

berlin I

It was a few weeks back that we visited Berlin, yet I've only just got round to looking through the pictures we took with our big camera. These show a glimpse into the wonderful apartment we rented through Airbnb. I adored it, especially the kitchen, it felt like home, or how I'd like my home to feel, airy, charming and light. Despite being early risers we barely left the apartment before 11am, it was such a relaxing place to stay we'd sit about drinking coffee, eating long relaxed breakfasts and researching our day ahead using the wifi on our phones before finally venturing out. 

[The last picture was taken by D, I really like it, perhaps not the prettiest view but kept us entertained]


It may not have been the warmest of years, but the summer light is just wonderful, life seems to be filled with green and we spend our evenings in the garden and our weekends venturing out. 

  • heading back from Norfolk after a day with friends
  • passing fields of turbines
  • my favourite tiles on the underground
  • paint samples on the wall
  • a viaduct another weekend
  • clouds cover the ceiling of a cafe

midsummer madness

We decided to celebrate midsummer this year, by making a little den for ourselves in the garden. We strung a sail from the roof of our shed, hung lanterns from poles, prepared our favourite salads, cooked corn, haloumi and sausages on the BBQ, drank beers, relaxed in the comfiest deck chairs and listened to music late into the night. Mr Mouse came to join us, relishing the whole affair (I think he thought we were throwing him a party). When we became weary we retired to our shed, spending the night on the floor with blankets, duvet and cushions, the door ajar and the night breeze on our faces. We had such a fun night - the evening was mild, the moon was huge and the rain came long after we were snuggled in the shed. Did you celebrate? What did you do?