5 April 2012

happy easter

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter! 

Finally work has finished and I'm officially on holiday for the long weekend. Just waiting for D to get home and then we are heading to the garden centre to stock up on supplies! You see I'm hoping to spend lots of time in the garden (I really hope the weather isn't too awful). As well as gardening we'll be visiting family, hunting for chocolate eggs, going to a fabric sale, relaxing and if it pours - I guess we'll be stuck indoors painting our hallway! Hope you all have nice plans. I'm looking forward to catching up with your news next week and no doubt admiring more beautiful Easter decorations.

car boot bounty

Hello! It's nearly Easter and a couple of extra days off work - I'm so excited! Just thought I'd quickly show off some of my favourite car boot bounty of the past few weeks, it's a right mixture. I've been quite good (not buying too much) though I do normally come away with something, but last week was my best effort - I only spent 50p (on the little strainer). The pictures aren't great, still haven't upgraded to a proper camera... Hopefully we'll get another couple of car boots in this weekend, though I don't think the weather forecast is any good - let's see!