1 August 2013


Perhaps it's just the nice weather we've been having, perhaps it's that I'm back at work after just over a week of holiday, perhaps I'm a little envious of those of you who have more than a little time off this summer. Whatever it is I haven't felt much like blogging. I've been having a read of my favourites every now and then, but I'm reading other things too - mainly magazines that have long been awaiting my attention. We've spent evenings in the garden - just sitting out chatting, enjoying each others company, and the night air. We've even been watching a few things on iPlayer (that's a big thing for us, we hardly ever watch TV) - have you been watching Top of the Lake? I'm hooked. Suddenly this space has taken a bit of a back seat, not for too long I hope, I enjoy it here and I've still so much to share.

For now, here's a little bit of Sweden....

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