2 August 2013

garden moodboard - july 2013

Late again! 2 days this time. I'm joining Karin and Åsa with a monthly moodboard for July - a collection of seasonal flowers, and foliage from the garden. At first glance the garden doesn't appear to have as much colour as recent months, but as looked around I found small pockets of brights. I snipped away carefully so as not to take too much. I've chosen to include some from the veg patch this month, a pretty purple pea pod and a vibrant green runner bean.


  1. you seem to still have lots of wonderful colours in your garden. Vegetables too. I really like your pictures.

  2. Wow you've got loads of colour there. I agree though I found it difficult to find anything new this month - there's been lots of growth but not many flowers. I think August might necessitate a cheeky trip to the garden centre ;) Jane x

    1. Not so many flowers your right. And I found myself in the garden centre over the weekend, just seeing what flowers I'm missing!

  3. Gorgeous colors and a really pretty mood board. Have a wonderful month ahead and thank you for sharing!

  4. Such beautiful colours ... I found little pockets of colour this month too and there are some lovely flowers in the vegetable patch ... Bee xx

  5. Beautiful colours and shapes Polly

  6. I do love these moods boards.

    My parcel arrived from Sarah Raven this weekend. It was waiting for me when I got home from Bestival. So thank you!!

    Leanne xx


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