22 July 2013

lucky leanne

I've been away on holiday and am a little slow getting back into the swing of blogging. We had 8 days in Sweden, if you follow my Instagram you'll already have a taste of what we got up to, though I'll share more here in the coming weeks. 

Meanwhile the giveaway I'd been running with the lovely Sarah Raven goodies has come to a close, I was delighted to pop all the entries into a pot and draw a winner. The prize goes to Leanne. Congratulations Leanne! 

Thank you to the Sarah Raven team for allowing me to host such a lovely giveaway and to everyone who entered. Plus a warm welcome to any new followers. 


  1. ooh thank you!! That has just made my day!

    The last thing I won was a toaster in 1995 at a school fair. At fifteen, I was very underwhelmed

    Leanne xx

    1. So glad I made your day. Please can you email me your address to pooka_76@hotmail.com so I can arrange for your prize to be posted to you :) Polly x


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