10 August 2013

sweden - relaxing

We holidayed in Sweden this year, 8 days spent exploring, experiencing and relaxing. We started in Stockholm, then hired a car and journeyed west into the countryside, before reaching our final destination, Gothenburg. We window shopped in cities, visited galleries, and explored supermarkets [one of my favourite things to do abroad]. In the countryside we took drives, walked, swam in the lake, relaxed at the cottage and rummaged through loppis.

[Some pictures by me, some by D]


  1. How wonderful, I am envious - we love exploring Scandinavia - so relaxing.

    1. It was our first time to Scandinavia, now I can't think of anything else! I just want to see more :)

  2. Looks beautiful - I have always wanted to visit Sweden - it looks beautiful in your pictures!


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