16 August 2013

sweden - art

We visited several galleries during our stay in Sweden though I took barely any pictures to share here. Thielska Galleriet was my absolute favourite - one man's collection of mainly Scandinavian art from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, displayed in what was once his home including works by Edvard Munch and Oskar Bergman. The rather grand house maintained a homely feel, with the most wonderful light, reminding me a little of Kettles Yard here in the UK [a favourite place of mine]. Also in Stockholm we visited Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde - even grander still the home of Prince Eugen. Here I loved the way plants shared the gallery space with the paintings [something else you find at Kettles yard]. Finally in complete contrast, the Moderna Museet where we were lucky to catch some great temporary exhibitions including Niki de Saint Phalle and Tala Madani

These images were all taken in Gothenburg, in the huge creative space R√∂da Sten with the exception of the bottom image, which was pasted to the wall directly below where we stayed.

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