20 September 2012

kettles yard (the pictures I promised to share)

So this is just a tiny glimpse into the house at Kettles Yard, a place I simply adore. The pictures (my favourite being that tiny Ben Nicholson in the second picture), the objects, the light, the space, the simplicity, the wood, the white, the plants - it feels so calm. I like to imagine living here, or dreaming up ways to incorporate that window of plants into our home, I makes me long for skylights and light filtering through the roof. 

The house was once home to Jim Ede, whose collection of art remains as it was in Jim's time. The original house was four tiny cottages knocked into one, which was then extended in the 1970's to make Kettle Yard as you find it today. If you want to read about it go here to the website, it will tell the story far better than I can. 

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  1. This is super gorgeous, light and airy.. perfect x

    1. I really could just move in. It's so wonderfully clean and dust free too!

  2. It does look rather serene doesn't. Love your blog found you through little birdie.


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