16 May 2013

nature in the home

I'm joining in with Lou and her 'nature in the home' series. This week Lou set us a theme - pink. I'm not much of a pink person when it comes to flowers and tend not to plant them, so I wondered what I would show, all I could think of was the apple blossom, but that seemed a little too similar to my last post. Then as I watered the plants in the house this morning it dawned on me that these pelargonium are pink, albeit the kind of pink I like, close on red/orange. The poor things are blooming away in our spare room where we have a big free space by the window, they can't wait to get outside on the patio but I don't trust the weather just yet. 

And hello to my new followers, I've noticed the number have slowly been creeping up, which is nice, thank you.


  1. Lovely pink, looks like they are reaching up to the sunshine!

  2. Such a lovely colour pink! Coral. x

  3. I wouldn't trust the weather either! We were in a garden yesterday where primroses, tulips and honeysuckle were all in flower ... such a crazy spring!

    1. It's so up and down isn't it, yesterday was really quite summery and now so cold again! Wish it would sort itself out!


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