18 February 2013


  • had fun making a little stop animation on Vine (I'm nicekindofblue there too)
  • celebrated shrove tuesday with pancakes
  • followed by valentines with flowers and the best balloon-in-a-balloon too! 
  • discovered a lovely cafe with puffy clouds on the ceiling, a farm shop, award winning butchers and deli.

And hello to my followers, old and new, I noticed earlier I've now more than 50 of you! 


  1. What a gorgeous collage - all very spring like colours too. Love it. x

  2. Love seeing your little snippets through Instagram, loved your animation on vine too - so clever. I have yet to try anything on there yet! Great puffy clouds. xx

    1. Thanks Caroline! Can't wait to find a little spare time to have another go on Vine! And looking forward to seeing yours.


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