15 February 2013

fruity things

Apple shaped cushion/soft to...

Stoneware Pine Bowl

1968 Vintage Flowers Book Pl...

1960s Large Brass Apple Box

Oversized Vintage Brass Pine...

Fine Art Print. Red Apple. ...

Large Brass Pineapple Tray

CLOCHETTE - Apple soft cushi...

Stoneware Green Sprout Vase

Vintage Golden Pineapple Sha...

Arabia Apple Ramekin

Hazel Atlas Platonite Sugar ...

Fine Art Print. Pear. Dece...

Bar-B-Cutie Anthropomorphic ...

Minky Watermelon Cushion

Vintage Mid Century Californ...

Thought I'd share my fruity [I know an onion isn't a fruit but I couldn't resist that cute little face] Etsy treasury with you. I'm really into fruit at the moment, I just can't get enough of the stuff, perhaps something to do with craving the warmth of summer and the juicy sweet fruit that comes with the sun. Is it just me, or are you the same?


  1. Nice treasury Polly. Love those pear mid century dishes, they are so beautiful. x

    1. Yes those dishes are lovely aren't they. I've not seen any like them before. x

  2. Hello again, just to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award... see my blog post for details :-)

    1. Karen, thank you! So kind of you to think of this little blog here :) I'm truly flattered. x


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