24 October 2011

bread you have to try!

I was browsing various blogs when I came across Geninne's, she made bread using Jim Lahey's no-knead recipe - it looked good, I watched the you tube video, then watched it again, then called D, we watched it together, then again, then again! It looked so easy we had to give it a try. Immediately we gathered ingredients and made the dough. We set it aside and looked forward to the following morning when we would bake it. 

Wow look what came out of the oven! 

We've now made our second loaf and it came out looking just as good. We've tried making bread before and it's never been right, but this stuff is seriously good I can't recommend it enough. We just used organic white bread flour and oatmeal on top, next time we are going to try some wholemeal, that we bought from Lode Mill at Anglesey Abbey.

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  1. We've now baked a wholemeal loaf using the flour from the Lode Mill. Looked just as good as the white but in my opinion tastes even better!


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