23 January 2013

snow glorious snow

I just love the stuff - makes me grin from ear to ear! By Sunday we had a fair bit round our way, so D and I set off on a walk, an adventure. We wrapped up well, put on our shades [much to our neighbours amusement] and headed into the white. Our aim to reach another village for a pub lunch, following white roads up over rolling hills. We took maps and ventured on paths we'd not trodden before, across fields, following woodland and hedges, up and down lanes. Hardly another soul in sight it all felt rather surreal, the landscape of white, so clean, so pure and uniform. After an hour or so the friendly village pub proved a very welcome sight! We made the most of it drinking ales, tucking into hearty roast lunches, and stuffing ourselves silly with puddings safe in the knowledge we could walk it all off on our way home. Our only regret not having bin bags in our pockets to slide back down the hill to home! 


  1. Such gorgeous snowy pictures Polly, it really does look beautiful there and it sounds like you had a great time. x

  2. What a really lovely way to enjoy a snow day ... and a hot lunch as reward ... just great ... Bee xx

  3. Caroline and Bee, thanks for your comments. It really was so invigorating in a good for the soul kind of way! x


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