27 February 2012

remember these?

My mum gave me this little view finder recently - the type that you'd put on a keyring. I made D have a look - he was totally unimpressed! I was hugely disappointed, "D look again, it's me!" I found it odd that he wouldn't recognise me, but then why should he? He didn't know me then, when I was a young girl on skis after my first week of ski-school. I hated it, absolutely hated it, skiing was hell I thought, ski-school was even more hellish! After more family holidays I learnt to enjoy it, to find it exhilarating and fun. Haven't been for years now, but I have some good memories and I love that when I fancy a chuckle to myself I can have a look through that little hole, at young me concentrating hard on not falling over!


  1. That's a really nice memory! I love viewfinders, they were one of the best toys.

    1. I also remember one of my grandparents on holiday somewhere, my nan kept it on her dressing table and I loved to look through at them smiling back at me. Sadly don't know what happened to that one.

  2. Ah ah, lovely! It reminds me of when I used to go skiing with my family... It feels like a lifetime ago...


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