27 February 2012

commenting without stress

Word verification is driving me nuts these days - I can barley work out what the words should say and keep having to refresh till I find something I can make sense of. So I've decided to turn it off, OK I might regret this when I'm swamped with spam - let's see. 

But for now it's off.  So look forward to reading your stress-free comments!


  1. I have only one thing to tell you: thank you!! These verification words drive me nuts too, and I never can get them right! I might do the same as you, it's much better this way :)

  2. i was literally just thinking. what.the.what. is going on?! why do the 'words' have to be 2837 characters long!? seriously. real people here. :)

    cheers and may the spammers stay far away.


  3. So did you get any spam since you've turned off this stupid word verification?

    1. Hi Anabelle, no spam yet (still keeping fingers and toes crossed and touching wood)!

  4. I did a comment on your heart ribbon box post the other day... but I can't see it now, am wondering if I didn't pass the non-robot test now!?


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