27 September 2012

nice things in the post

Lately I've received some lovely things in the post, from my Auntie Jac, not only does she have the most beautiful handwriting, but she's incredibly thoughtful and sends little treats, things she knows I'll love. We both enjoy stamps and she, like me, makes trips to the post office to buy the pretty ones! She's an expert in the garden and knows I love mine too, she'll let me know of local gardens open, and on seeing my lovely Pelargonium Ardens, sent me this beautiful catalogue. Thank you Auntie Jac. 


  1. The gifts look lovely & what fun stamps!

  2. I really must send more little surprises to friends by post, it's so special to receive beautiful treats like these. And Beano and Topper stamps!! Brilliant, I've got to get some! Rachel x

    1. I'm guilty of not sending enough post myself of late. I keep receiving nice things but I need to send some!

  3. what a wonderful surprise!!!!You have a very thoughtful friend there, with a lot of whimsy!

  4. What a great surprise, it's lovely to receive things in the post. I love the stamps. xx

  5. Ah I wish I had handwriting that nice! I keep seeing 'real' mail on blogs - it's definitely making me want to craft a nice package for someone!


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