22 March 2012

some days

Some days are just boring. I'm bored at the moment - work is annoying me, it's taking all the daylight hours from me, stealing them away and leaving no time for the fun stuff, or even the regular stuff - stuff that needs to be done. I know I have to work, it taxes my brain, allows me to hang out in London, and most importantly provides an income. But I'm just not enjoying it much at the moment. I'm working on a great project but it's still not making me happy, I long for the weekends and the weeks are frankly getting in the way. I go through these feelings every year, probably more to do with the change in seasons than my work. Life, especially work just feels monotonous - it isn't actually, but the routine of five days a week is. Five long days of work and just two tiny weeny fun days at the end to make up for it! So many things I want to do and not enough time, I want to finish decorating our hallway and hang our pictures, I want to plant new trees, I want to make another three raised veg beds, I want to tackle the last of the overgrown and neglected flower beds, I want to reupholster a piano stall, I want to go for long walks, I want to go for bike rides, I want to sort out the patio area so we can spend our summer evenings eating alfresco as the sun slips away. I want a lot, I know I need to be patient and enjoy everyday, make the most of them, and things will get better - I know. 


  1. I know what you mean, work is a necessity, but I wish it wasn't. Saw in the first photo you Seventy Tree print? Very cute :)

  2. You've just summarized my Sunday night blues! One of my favourite quotes is 'the work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life' (Jessica Hische). But I guess a lot of life is trying to find the balance.
    p.s. great photos and graphics!!!

  3. I have so many things in my to do list it drives me MAD.... How every much time you have it's never quite enough, and also even though I'm not doing a 'proper' job I still seem to plod through the week sometimes, must be conditioning from my past life! Hope you had a fun weekend and have a better week ahead!


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