19 March 2012

in the garden

We spent a bit of time in the garden yesterday, we had a few plants to put in the ground, things we'd bought, mostly from little stalls - plants people have grown in their gardens. These are our favourite plants to buy. We love driving through local villages eyes peeled for a little table and honesty box. Still not many around, it's still early in the year but they are starting to appear. Yesterday we found sweet peas, wallflowers, euphorbia and a variety of daisy. We pottered around tidying dead stems and leaves, and weeding out the endless supply of weeds, to make room for our purchases. The garden is starting to look good again now and I just long for sunny days like today to get out there, unfortunately I've work today, but from home so I can eat my lunch in the garden at least.


  1. It's so lovely! And how lucky to eat lunch in your garden! Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful colours. It's lovely to be in the garden this time of year x


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