8 December 2011

french knitting fun

I've never been very good at knitting or even trying to, I've tried a few times and though I can do the basics I get upset if I go a little wrong and end up unravelling the lot it a fit of fury. But with these cold nights I fancied something simple to do, to keep me from staring at computer screens and to give me a little project, so I dug out my childhood knitting doll. It's so straightforward even I can't go wrong! So I'm now busy making myself a selection of these knitted ropes (or whatever you call them) I've got ideas of necklaces (I've made them in the past) and maybe so many that they become almost snood-like. So far I've only managed these two, I'll show you again in a few weeks when I've made a few more. I'm even thinking of plating them together to make thicker ropes... let's see.


  1. I like it! You can do so many fun and original things with these!

  2. I love these! I found one of these little dolls a few months ago and am totally addicted. I have a German crafty mag called 'Cut' which shows you how to make a bunch of different things with these 'ropes'. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. No pressure, of course ; )

  3. Hey, those look nice. And I love the knitting doll. Should get mine out one day, too


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