12 December 2011

dazed and confused

I popped along to Somerset House during my lunch break last week. I was heading for the Designers and Makers craft and design shop, but got distracted by the Dazed and Confused exhibition taking place in the main building. Had it really been around 20 years! Wow, I thought I'd take a quick peek. 

For those of you who don't know Dazed and Confused is a style and culture magazine, which was founded back in 1991 by Jefferson Hack and Rankin. I've bought the magazine a few times over the years, but was surprised at just how many images I recognised, I guess the style was pretty groundbreaking and the images incredibly strong, so strong that seeing them again they were immediately recognisable. I've got a good memory when it comes to an image (far better than my memory for a word or thought) but I'm sure most images we see wouldn't be embedded in my memory in the same way - these really are iconic.

The exhibition runs till January 29th 2012, if you're passing it's worth a look.

I did also make it to the Designers and Makers shop, some beautiful things there. I rather fancied the leather bound notebooks in fluorescent colours and there were some beautiful wooden coat hooks, all too expensive for me though. Sorry I didn't make a note of the designers, I was in a rush to get back to work! 


  1. Looks like a great exhibit!

    May your grandma rest in peace. I do believe in angels, do you?

  2. I can't decide Anabelle, I'm not sure, I think half of me does and then the practical side says no but it can't stop me longing them to exist :)


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