11 December 2014

hoard or collect - christmas baubles

Some of these are from my childhood, others we've picked up here and there. I don't recall a year passing when we haven't added another bauble or decoration to the collection. I photographed these as I packed away after Christmas 2013, so this isn't quite everything that we have to adorn our tree this year. I'm not sure yet when we'll get the tree up, we're usually quite last minute in this house. But if you're keen to see how it'll look, I imagine it won't be too different from how it was here, just a little more on it!

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  1. I love seeing collections of mix and matched christmas decs, it's great to have all the memories! This is my first xmas away from my family, so no decorations of my own, but I made a christmas tree to brighten up my wall from string and pink stickers!

  2. Oh they're gorgeous, it's lovely to see them all gathered together in colours like that. I always love your 'hoard or collect' posts. xx

  3. Great collection. They're lovely. Bee xx

  4. Lovely items. And lovely colors.


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