1 May 2014


I'm a little obsessed with plants these days. You may well have noticed here on the blog! 

  • Best way to pass time on the train, The Plant journal
  • bluebells peeking through the lavender
  • more plants in the studio
  • a pretty auricula, named Argus
  • a lonely plant on the tracks
  • making moodboards
  • it's not just me, Mouse loves the garden too
  • taking over the spare room


  1. Gorgeous! So much colour in your moodboard. I don't seem to have much colour in my garden at the moment now the bluebells and tulips have gone over. I'm hoping that will change when all the little seeds I planted eventually flower! xx

    1. The garden is a funny thing, I've a feeling I won't have so much to show next month. Mind you, I'm such a sucker for gardening these days I'm forever popping another plant in or sowing some seed! x

  2. I love your photos, particularly the top one - very 'Mad Men'! And there's something about geraniums in terracotta pots...
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you :-) I'm running out of room for them indoors though, thinking I might need to heat the greenhouse next year and reclaim the spare room!


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