12 May 2014

an abundance of blue, pink and white

Lou of Little Green Shed, has started her series Nature in the Home up again. I couldn't resist joining in. Nothing fancy just a few flowers from the garden. If you're familiar with these: alkanet [pentaglottis sempervirens], red valerian [centranthus ruberand cow parsley [anthriscus sylvestris], you'll know they grow in abundance and I can easily spare a few armfuls here and there! For me this little group signal the start of summer, as they take hold of the garden.


  1. Hey Polly,

    I have a huge bunch of Cow Parsley in a jug on the sideboard. I adore it. The valerian and alkanet grows at the side of my house. I pick that too!
    Leanne xx

    1. I'm such a fan of the cow parsley, love how it bobs around!

  2. Beautiful, I love those colours together - and such a perfect vase too! x

  3. So pretty and the most perfect vase ... Bee xx

  4. Caroline and Bee, thanks for your sweet comments! The vase was a lucky find, I've not seen another like it.


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